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PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme v3.0.1b (US Version)
Task Name / Task Details Status Priority Progress
How about a template theme? On Going Absolutely Urgent 84% completed84% completed
We need a theme that we can look at and easily modify it to fit our needs. Something anyone could modify with little or no experience.

Maybe in a deep-sea blue and with a video background that could be changed with little to no help at all.

I love the fact that PHP-Nuke was designed with a Tabular interface. I'm not sure folks realize the benifit of using CSS along side the Tabular interface.

Generation X thinks that they know it all and many have started trying to convince others that don't know any better not to use nuke the way it was designed and intended to be used. I thank you and I am sure many others will as well for bringing back the old theme interface while still supporting HTML5. XHTML, and CSS.
Start Date: 2021-04-23 00:00:00
Task Members Position
Ernest Buffington Project Manager
Truman Buffington Project Manager
Sebastian Buffington Project Manager
Brian Brower Project Manager
Mom Blogger Project Manager
Devin Grubb Project Manager
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