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Ernest Buffington
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This Website/Blog Portal was provided by the 86it Social Network & The Scorpion Network and all web hosting and storage is provided by SEBASTIAN ENTERPRISES
What is the 86it Social Network?

PHP-Nuke Titanium is nothing like facebook and in some ways like the old MySpace. The difference is that we provide our users and network members with a website, where MySpace on the other hand gives you a single page that also is limited to the design concepts that involve only CSS and some minor Flash capabilities. facebook and MySpace have many limitations when it comes to developing a personalized web page. We give you access to your own virtual private domains. Our users and network members have full access to PHP, Flash, Perl, Python, CGI, MySql and many other types of web development tools.

If you would like a PHP-Nuke Titanium Web Portal/Website please send your request to Ernest Buffington. CLICK HERE

The 86it Social Network is still under construction, we plan to have everything working and in order by Jan 2018

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these Docs, please use our Feedback Form.

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