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Ernest Buffington
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Taken in Tampa Florida

Posted by Ernest Buffington on Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:43 pm

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A while ago we had a server malfunction with hardware, a hard drive was corrupt and failing and it just so happens that it corrupt the system backups. I only downloaded the recent backups and this put me in a pickle and I lost 4 years worth of programming code and work. This included theme design and graphics updates as well...

I am back to work on the code and will have to go through and fix many things over again that had already been fixed and had taken many hours of hard work. This was a sad incident that really knocked me for a loop and doing so, I lost my will to work any further on the project. I would like to apologize for dropping the project for the amount of time that I did and it will not happen again.

During the time I was away, several close friends passed away and I also went through a divorce after being married for 17 years. Needless to say I feel like I was robbed of 17 years of my life and have felt quite angry about my current situation and as well all of the unpleaseant things that have been happening in the last 5 years have almost killed me.

I was taking Gabapentin and it turned my blood to what seemed like sludge, so much so that they could not even draw my blood at the hospital. I had Anoxia 2 times and almost died and was mis diagnosed at Brandon Hospital. When I went in I could not breath and was talking fast because I felt like I needed to explain what was happening before I passed out. They put me in a psych room and was going to have me baker acted because the ER doctor thought I was manic. In the end they realized they were wrong and apologized... They made me start taking all my meds again and warned me that stopping all of them at once like I did could kill me. It took me well over a year to ween myself off of Gabapentin but It's done and I am a lot more healthy. I have high blood pressure in an extreme sense, so without my blood pressure meds I am usless. I was put on Carvedilol 2 times a day, which is a 1&2 type beta blocker and it seems to be working now after a long wait. This may have been due to me being on the Gabapentin, my my blood pressure was still extremely high at times. I am in constant pain from a car accident that I was in during my teen tears. I suffer from PTSD and the only thing that helps me is Valium... I have an Adrenal disorder that causes my adrenaline to pump pretty hard for just about anything that causes the slightest amount of excitement in my life. All this together is what causes me to have severe hyper tension most of the time... My Pain management doctor just passed away at 52 years old and he did not smoke or take meds, this is concerning to me. I feel as if there is a timer running and my life is about to run out... I take 10mg of Oxycodone when ever I am in severe pain and sometimes it helps, others it does not.

With all that being said, I have fixed a lot of things in the code over the last month that I had already fixed before. It sucks to have to go back and do everything over that you had previously done over the last 4 years. I'm updating code in a lot of places for newer versions of PHP and getting rid of deprecated functions daily.

The user upload center was broken and the theme did not function properly. I have recently fixed that. The theme template '86it-Titanium' has been completely re-written and the facebook comment and likes code is brand new. I have yet to finish the code for every resolution, it's a work in progress... I am going to stop using cookies for the HIGH RESOLUTION auto adjustment system. I think I will have to write some new code to resize images on the fly that are posted in the regular blogs etc.

The facebook_SandBox module has been re-written as well as the CHANGELOG module.

You now use your e-mail address and password to login like facebook.

We have learned that people with multiple monitors are having trouble with the HIGH RESOLUTION auto adjustment system and I'm trying to iron those bugs out. I will need to do more study time on this topic.

Ernest Allen Buffington

Posted by Ernest Buffington on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:05 pm

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Posted by Ernest Buffington on Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:00 pm

(Read More... PHP-Nuke Titanium v1.0.1z | Update | Score: 5)
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Private Message System Update:

The private message system for the 86it Network was having some problems. When you would send a message to someone and they would open the private message on their portal, if it also had an image or file attached to the message it was not showing up. If you sent a private message to someone and they logged into your portal to read their messages it would show up just fine. It was cross domain private messages that were not transporting attached images and files. This has been fixed and is working fine as far as I can see... Not many people have had the chance to use their portals yet so this really was not that big of an issue.

How does the Private Message System Work:

You can send just about any file format you want to anyone as long as it is not larger than 100 megs. You can send videos, zip files, flash games etc. You must be logged into a portal to see the members list or to send messages. You can do a search for the user you would like to send the private message to and when you find the persons name, just click on their name and it will open their profile and you will find a button that looks like the following...

Just click on the button and from there you can send a message and attach any type file you like. If it's a video it will play inline with the message when they read it. The same goes for flash objects, gif images, png, jpeg etc. When you send them a private message on the network we will notify them and let them know that they have a message waiting on the network. They can then log into any website/portal on the network to read their messages. For instance If Anthony Castellano sends Ernest Buffington a message, He can log onto Lisa Summerlin's web portal to retrieve his message or he can log onto his own portal and do the same thing. It does not matter where you go on the network you will always use your same login credentials.

If anyone has any questions about the private message system please leave a comment at the botton via facebook.

Posted by Ernest Buffington on Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:29 pm

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