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Ernest Buffington
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Author of PHP-Nuke Titanium
Name: Ernest Allen Buffington
Address: 1071 Emerald Dr.
City, State: Brandon, Florida 33511
Phone: 1+ 813.732.3360
E-mail: ernest.buffington[at]gmail.com

PHP-Nuke Titanium is a web content management system (WCMS) that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little or no knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to manage their website/portal.

PHP-Nuke Titanium is an awesome (WCMS) that will provide you with a great foundation for collaboration, offering you the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. If you need to share a blog space with a friend or like doing things as a group, 86it is the network and this is the software.

PHP-Nuke Titanium uses PHPMySQLJava, and XML.

It uses MySQL databases to store page content, metadata, and other information assets that might be needed for use in the development of your 86it website/portal.

A presentation layer displays the content to website visitors based on a set of php files and HTML templates (.tpl files). 

PHP-Nuke Titanium uses Zend server side caching to improve speed and performance. 

The administration is done through just about any web browser but you will most likely get the most out of your website/portal using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

PHP-Nuke Titanium allows non-technical users to make changes to a website or web portal with little or no training at all.

The core engine that Ernest Buffington decided to use in creating PHP-Nuke Titanium is called PHP-Nuke and there are a lot of advantages of using an open source engine. It saved a lot of framework design time and it also allowed us the use of other open source collaboration techniques. We took an engine made of alloy and turned it into Titanium, we made it stronger, more powerful and added rock solid security.

Each website/portal requires a systems administrator/webmaster and/or a web developer to do the initial set up and add the standard features, but it is primarily a website/portal maintenance tool for non-technical staff. Once it has been the setup you can add and remove any feature that you like, except for the 86it advertising banner, you can move the banner and place it anywhere that you like, within your website/portal, top, bottom or middle but you cannot remove it.

After you are setup, running it is a piece of cake!  We will setup your website/portal based on your needs. We will start out by asking you a few questions about what you'll be doing with your website/portal and assist you accordingly. We take care of the technical end and all you have to do is learn a few SIMPLE tasks that involve clicking your mouse.

A question we might ask is "is the highest number that you can count to, potato?" it's always good to come out of the gates with the important key items that will allow us to assist you in setting up the layout and design of your website/portal.

Ernest Allen Buffington

Posted on Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:03 am by Ernest Buffington
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