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About PHP-Nuke Titanium (US Version)
Posted by TheGhost Wed Feb 01, 2023 8:26 pm

The US version of PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS is an open-source highly modified Fork of PHP-Nuke written in PHP 8.1 as a programming language and development was first started in 2005. The software comes with a set of basic features like a WYSIWYG editor, an admin interface with drag-and-drop blocks, spam protection, and image processing. PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS comes with the ability to use various modules that will extend the current functionality of your portal/website. The latest version available for download is v4.0.4 and is still in beta.

PHP-Nuke Titanium currently supports the following PHP versions:

  • PHP 8.0
  • PHP 8.1.13
  • PHP 8.1.14
  • PHP 8.1.15
  • PHP 8.1.16
  • PHP 8.2.3

The original PHP-Nuke was created 23 Years ago. It was a full-featured website/portal as we called them, it was all the craze. PHP-Nuke was something easy to install on the many free Web Hosting accounts that were available. It was the first CMS ever created and/or available in internet history, and also came with lots of awesome features. But back in the day, it had a price: It had unprofessional code, it was very unstable, and almost unmaintainable, and then last but not least it was horribly insecure. If you want to know why it had some of the security holes or problems that it had, you would have to take a look under the hood, and maybe explore some of the old original source code. You would have seen right away that someone needed to organize re-write and clean up the source code.

During the time of its original production and release SQL injection and a few other security risks were a big problem: Search Engine, Contact Form, Forged Cookies, you name it. It was almost impossible to maintain so a few internet PHP-Nuke enthusiasts got together and added a much-needed security layer, covering every security case you could imagine. Thus the birth of Sentinel Portal Security™. Bob Marion went the extra miles to help us get things in order and under control. Bob is an internet icon in the PHP-Nuke World...

PHP-Nuke Titanium went by a few other names which we will not mention at this point because it is meaningless in the grand scope of things. What is important are the folks in the community that helped keep the original PHP-Nuke alive, the core developers that dedicated good portions of their time to help make PHP-Nuke better and stronger, and they made sure that we had a good strong foundation for the continued lifespan of PHP-Nuke.

Ernest Allen Buffington, CEO of The 86it Developers Network, has firmly cemented himself as one of today’s overly outspoken visionaries in the world of IT services.  Never afraid to offer an opinion that may rub a few folks the wrong way, the self-styled CEO booked his ticket to notoriety at 86it’s analyst conference in Las, Vegas back in 2017, where he described the Cloud, well, as complete and utter bullshit.

The Cloud? However, you think you see it, as private or public is something that long existed before some visionary decided to try and bullshit the public. A cloud is merely a server parked in a data center and we have a name for that, A RACK!

A rack in a data center is merely a server running a platform that serves everyone on the internet whether it be publicly or privately. You or anyone else can try to put a spin on this but in the end, more than likely the general public will see you as a fraud and completely full of shit he would say.

Ernest Allen Buffington aka TheGhost in the online internet and programming world has made it his lifelong goal to keep PHP-Nuke alive and that is exactly what he has done, and not by himself he often adds. He says he never could have done it without Technocrat who was an online developer who created his own fork of PHP-Nuke now known as Nuke-Evolution. Technocrat lost interest in programming it seems at some point and resorted to chasing broads or maybe partying. We do not know what or where he is, we just thank the good Lord that we had him for a little while. Like Bob Marion, Technocrat only by alias has rocked the PHP-Nuke world and for that our hat is off and we thank him. Perhaps one day he will come forward and give all of us his real name...

Back in the day if people would have only realized that letting people know who you are and what your real name is was so very important to internet history. PHP-Nuke was the very first CMS in internet history falling just under Thatware which is what PHP-Nuke was a fork of.

Today the label "Programmer" is roughly equivalent to “coder," and ranks pretty low in the software food chain; but it wasn't always so. Back in the days of punch cards and paper tape, when memory was measured in kilobytes and clock speeds were measured in kilohertz,* there were fewer species of software critters in the landscape. I'm pretty old and my memory says four;

  • System Analysts worked directly with the problem to be solved and broke it down into requirements, then identified the major algorithms, modules, and data flows. Often, but not always, they would write interface specifications for the major modules.
  • Programmers did everything else, from designing the modules' internal logic and data structures to coding, debugging, and unit testing to system integration and testing. There was not yet a division into front-end, back-end, and Database Specialists.
  • Technical Writers produced the user and maintenance manuals and all the internal documentation except embedded code comments.
  • Managers were just as clueless as they are today... 'eNuf said about them.

My point is that “Programmer" covered a lot of skills including, but not limited to, coding, and it was a respectable label to be worn with pride. I still think of myself as a programmer, though I only admit that to other dinosaurs farting dust like myself.

When you spend as many years as Ernest Allen Buffington aka TheGhost learning and exploring languages and syntax you would inherit the title of Data Scientist.

PHP-Nuke created the foundation for what is now known as the CMS (Content Management System) and one would think that anyone would take pride in being a part of keeping PHP-Nuke's legacy alive and strong. If you think that you might want to be a part of something this big and strong let us know. We are always looking for as much community support as we can find. We would greatly be appreciative of any and all who decide to be part of this movement. You can get involved by sending an email to

PHP-Nuke Titanium is here to stay and will always be here, even after I die!

Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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Why did we name the CMS PHP-Nuke Titanium?
Posted by TheGhost Tue Jan 03, 2023 11:33 pm

Where did the name PHP-Nuke Titanium come from?

It involves a nuclear waste storage concept...

Because of its corrosion resistance, containers made of titanium have been studied for the long-term storage of nuclear waste. Containers lasting more than 100,000 years are thought possible with manufacturing conditions that minimize material defects. A titanium "drip shield" could also be installed over containers of other types to enhance their longevity.

The original PHP-Nuke has been around for 30+ years and we have preserved it in Titanium, PHP-Nuke Titanium to be exact...

Because titanium alloys have the high tensile strength to density ratio, high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high crack resistance, and the ability to withstand moderately high temperatures without creeping, they are used in aircraft, armor plating, naval ships, spacecraft, and missiles.

Titanium was discovered in 1791 by the clergyman and amateur geologist William Gregor as an inclusion of a mineral in Cornwall, Great Britain. Gregor recognized the presence of a new element in ilmenite when he found black sand by a stream and noticed the sand was attracted by a magnet. Analyzing the sand, he determined the presence of two metal oxides: iron oxide (explaining the attraction to the magnet) and 45.25% of a white metallic oxide he could not identify. Realizing that the unidentified oxide contained a metal that did not match any known element, Gregor reported his findings to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall and in the German science journal Crell's Annalen.

Around the same time, Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein produced a similar substance, but could not identify it. The oxide was independently rediscovered in 1795 by Prussian chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth in rutile from Boinik (the German name of Bajmócska), a village in Hungary (now Bojničky in Slovakia). Klaproth found that it contained a new element and named it for the Titans of Greek mythology. After hearing about Gregor's earlier discovery, he obtained a sample of manaccanite and confirmed it to be titanium.

All of this is how we related the idea to name our Fork of PHP-Nuke, PHP-Nuke Titanium and the story relates...

Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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